Heroes of Yore

Ignus Reflections

The elemental planes do not overlap often but when they do weird things may form. Mine started when the spark of life occurred at the interaction of all four. Those centuries jumping from plane to plane destroying everything site was amusing to say the least. Some places I would show up unannounced and just break worlds. Others seeking a change I would strike fear in the hearts of several rulers, and other sources of power saying they had a year to fight me and prove there worlds worth. The failures of fighters, mages, and clerics would add up quickly and no survivors would live to tell of my power. Then came the time where I spent time on the separate planes learning to harness and master my abilities. Magic both arcane and divine came to me in small doses but not enough to strike fear into beings. Soon I was summoned to a new world which I haven’t been to before. The caster of the spell was lucky enough to say my name in attempt to summon something else. He was not lucky enough to summon me. After killing him I scoured his books to ensure my name was not written down.
Deciding I needed a something to do. I sent out the challenge to this new world. That was my mistake, for the party that challenged me was strong enough to banish me to my original plane. There was an unintended side effect of this banishment thou. My core was split into four parts.
This is where I lost memories of the whole and just have parts of it. I was sent back to the plane of fire and had to adapt to the loss of power and how to use my new form. After an unknown amount of time I felt a pull from my home to a bright light. I found myself in a room with three others who felt familiar but I couldn’t place, and a magic user with a very surprised look on his face. In the moment of confusion we were bound to stones in this new place. Luckily stones were wrong and, we had freedom to do as we pleased. After a very quick and one sided fight we left the room we were summoned in. Only to discover we were locked in a city with other elementals.
The moment of realization came in that the three others who were summoned with me were my missing parts came too late. Having already scattered around the city we learned to communicate with the others who were trapped and learned many things of our world. Like how our complete form had not yet been summoned yet, and the story of the orbs.
I quickly fell in to a slump of boredom and discovered a joy of fighting. The bar fights were amusing and help me build up funds to buy a weapon, a book of everything, and a single set of armor. About a thousand years later a party came in and broke the seal on the city. After a really bad bar fight that night I was thrown out of the city with the party and I finally found my niche.

Busy Day
Three Perspectives

Daddy’s away playing King, leaving me all alone in the mansion but that’s the best time to play with my pets giggle. I go to the attic and bring out my gray owl, he’s so handsome with his scars and ashen feathers, they never cleared up to the original white color that I hated so much. Oh, the fire around him was so pretty and his squawking…mmm I couldn’t get music like that from those carolers daddy gave me for Life Day though my nanny tried. It’s a shame we had to hang her, it wasn’t her fault those carolers couldn’t sing as well as my owl did. He doesn’t sing these days but his eyes are just so…what was the word father said, “entrancing”. Today I’ll put one in a small jar so I can keep it with me :).
I know what to use too, a spoon from the kitchen will do!

The fire is everywhere! It’s hard to breathe…can’t see where I’m going…where’d my owl go?

Squawk! Owl! I see you!

The partly burnt and still on fire owl with one eye missing charges through the flames and buries his beak in the young girls left eye since he can only see her left side. They die slowly, her being eaten while burning and he living while setting her ablaze with his aflame feathers.


Cough Cough Hack Ptew More blood mixed with snot and semi-liquid flesh is spat out by an old man as he walks the streets of the Noble section of H’vard City.

I swear the bitch is going to kill me one of these days.

All the more reason to finish this and escape her wrath on a more permanent basis.

If only I could permanently get away from her influence.

So close, just a little farther.

Maybe, most likely I’ll be stuck in this forever. Up to the time I die.

There is a release that has been proven through the years.

If only I trusted in the gods, I’d like to think I know better. A release for one is being expendable for another.

What to do.

Only one thing to do, go forward, hopefully unto a dawn and not a dusk.

The dusk of one is the dawn of another.

Which is why Amayeta is so worried, she knows enough to fear.

The old man exits onto the Middle Class section and quickly hobbles his way for the outer edge closest to the harbor.

One thing is for sure, I did not suffer through all this to die later tonight.


It’s been too long since I’ve felt the love of my mother and longer still since I’ve sensed the Goddess. This city is cursed, too corrupt to save it seems. It no longer matters if I purify it by fire, I have what I came here for. Mother will have to love me. Even the Goddess will heed my existence. That fool didn’t know what he had, but I did and now that I have it I feel the truth…it’s so beautiful. With this I can finally go back home, head held high.

I may even be able to bring brother home too, I know he’s here in the city working on some scheme for power. If it wasn’t for Alya and her politics he would have remained my mother’s favorite, as well as mine. I miss our games…I’ve missed so much in such a little amount of time being ostracized, but that will end soon. Tonight I’ll end this. Tomorrow I go home.

Passage from Noble Families of Zaiho
rae dax

“Noble Families of Zaiho”
18th Edition
by Sorael Aertyn (Elven Scribe)

The Dax Family

The Dax Family are descended from the famous Icanus Dax the celestial paladin. After many years of religious crusade, Icanus settled down at Zaiho at YYYY and eventually met his wife, Katrina
Leohms. Their union started the aasimar lineage that most come to associate with the Dax name.

The current generation of Dax consists of four aasimars: Brighton, Litt, Clara, and Rae. Brighton Dax is a land-renowned paladin of Iomedae, much like his ancestor Icanus. Brighton served within Iomedae’s ranks for decades, starting from a recruit and eventually rising to general. Brighton was a serious yet gentle man. Granted he smote evil and vile creatures with no remorse, he always saw the good in people and their capabilities. He was known to always lend a hand to those who in need. As paladin, he brought swift justice to the battlefield while being a good commander and tactician. Throughout his life, Brighton would marry two wives and sire three children: Litt, Clara, and Rae.

With his first human wife, Kari Egam, they sired Litt. He was much like his father in terms of looks and personality. He inherited the Dax fire-red hair and golden eyes. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined Iomedae’s ranks. Soon after his recruitment, he was drafted into the crusade to ward a demonic invasion. Demon portals were forming in a far continent and Iomedae’s forces were needed. After the long invasion was over, Litt was declared a hero within Iomedae and Zaiho. He was the first of the new Dax generation to wield his ancestor’s sword, Chrysaor. Eventually, he eventually settled down as commander and trainer within Zaiho and continues to train new recruits for Iomedae.

Invasion itself lasted 30 years, which for aasimar is not much time. Kari was human and passed away before she could see her son come back. However, Brighton still found another woman of his interests, Alara Soldri. Alara Soldri also came from a noble family (Please refer to Soldri family). Born from a family of wealth and influence, her family was more than happy when Brighton proposed to her. Soon after their marriage, Alara gave birth her first daughter at the age of 30.

Clara Dax was a beautiful and calm aasimar, contrary to her fiery wavy hair. Unlike Brighton, she sought more diplomatic solutions to problems and was more empathic towards other people. She also had a natural talent as a healer. Just like her father and brother, she joined Iomedae as a cleric. her healing skills and magical talents blossomed through her training. When she was not healing the sick and the unfortunate, she lent her skills as a diplomat to the city. For years, she served in the city’s council. During her later years, she accepted the position of head cleric in Iomedae’s church.

Youngest of the three, Rae, was born to Alara when she was in her waning years. A proud and strong-willed woman Alara was, as she gave birth to her second daughter at 64 years old. Alara eventually passed away only when Rae was still a child (to human’s standard). Clara would raise her sister almost as her own. Rae was as unpredictable as a forest fire. Hot tempered and quick to action, Rae would find herself mostly in trouble. Though her spirit would usually get her in trouble, she was a compassionate person during times of needs. She followed her sister’s path and became a cleric for Iomedae for years. Due to her impatient personality, she sought to become a hero like Litt and, for the first time in multiple generations, she became a traveling cleric for Desna. Zaiho still hears echoes from Brighton’s screams of disapproval. As bewildered as he was, he still supported through her decision. When she came back from her travels, Rae would be well-known and respected for her skills in counseling and rights of passage. No matter who it was, she extended her hand out for those who needed help. She left the city a few years ago in search of the Chrysaor and its thief (refer to the “Militia report of XXXX”). She continues to travel and the city hopes for her safe return.

Helios and the Witch's Hat- Pt 2

As I approached the mine, I saw the toppled over carts and mine tools scattered around. The dwarfs and miners did leave this area in a hurry, I thought. I checked around the miner’s camp for any clues or sings what could be causing this, but I found nothing. Inside the foreman’s office, I found the mine’s map with the current explored and unexplored veins of precious metals and magical gems. After finding this and without hesitation, I headed into the mine.

My first thought into the mine: Beautiful…

The magical gems that inhabit and fill this mine fill it beautiful and glowing lights. There’s no need for a torch, and it feels like it’s daylight inside this rocky mountain. After a moment of appreciating the mesmerizing colors and lights, I focused at the task at hand. I needed to to figure out what was causing this illness on Forgedawn. I studied the map I acquired. The explored and mapped out veins described that metals and gems were found but nothing suspicious. I figured that my best bet might be the unexplored vein, so I headed down towards it.

The unexplored vein was much the same as the previous ones. Gems and metal decorated the walls with a bright glow. As I ventured further into it, I saw them: the bodies of my fellow clerics. I hurried to them and, to my horror, they were crystallized. Their flesh had turned into a brittle fibrous jade. Their faces were frozen in pain and horror. I collected myself and laid their bodies properly, and I read their rites of passage according to Iomedae. I cremated their remains and prayed that they will continue the good fight in the next world.

After a brief moment of silence, I heard foot steps coming from within the mine. Without much cover and time, I tried my best to hide behind a stalagmite (with a scale armor nonetheless) and will try to surprise whatever was coming. The footsteps kept coming closer and closer and closer and…

I tackled it…or her?

I found myself on top of a witch inside of a mine. Both of us were confused at the site of each other until we realized that neither of us are supposed to be in here. After a brief struggle, I managed to subdue and interrogate her (poor pretty thing). I found out that a coven of witches managed to sneak into the mines unnoticed to acquire powerful magical gems. To keep the miners and guards from venturing into their arcane lab, they cursed a strain of jade, so that any touch it will become sick. However, they did not expect that the jade would extremely amplify their curse.

I asked her if it was possible to break the curse. She said they didn’t know since the curse was amplified to an uncontrollable degree. At the moment, the convent was trying to prevent the curse from spreading into other gems. The witch mentioned that she went to check out how the other gems were doing and then that’s when I tackled her. After hearing her story, I didn’t have many choices on how to fix this. Granted the coven is trying to fix the problem, they did trespass and steal gems. Our divine magic may dispel the curse or destroying the cursed stone might do the trick too.

The least that I could do is get rid of the coven first then deal with the curse…or die trying. The witch said they will be coming for her soon, so I did most rational thing at the moment. I kissed her on the cheek, apologized and promptly knocked her out cold. I took her hat and placed it on top of my head. I figured that if I was going to die, I might as well die in style.

So I ventured towards the lab. As I approached it, I tried to sneakily take a peek at what was going on. Five witches were working on an arcane circle around a large jade stone. Another two were studying some books on a portable alchemical lab. The black-hated witch at the lab looked over my way and shouted:

“Beatrice! Get over here and help!”

Dammit, I thought. My cover is blown…

“Just get over to the other lab and help out the others!” She commanded.

So I came out, armed with myself, and much to my surprise she didn’t attack. She kept demanding me to go over to the lab and help out. She asked:

“Were the other gems affected? Why did you take so long?”

I shook my head with a bewildered look in my face.

“Good, there is still time. Go help Jan with the other samples and see what both of you can do.”

I nodded and went over to the alchemy lab with Jan, witch studying the book with the Black Hat. As I approached the lab, I saw myself on a mirror. I realized that my face was changed to how the actual Beatrice looked like. Touching my face, I realized how they got into the mines so easily: Hat of disguise.

After some realization, Jan nudged me to help her and see what we can do about undoing the curse. I startled and accidentally touched one of the jade samples below. Immediately, my body started to seize and convulse. I fell down to my knees in pain, and Jan screamed in horror. As she was trying to help me, the hat fell off my head and the disguise went with it. I screamed in pain as they freaked out as they realized that Beatrice wasn’t who she was. So much for my plan to get rid of the witches…


The other witches around the circled stood up and prepared a ritual spell. Without thinking and with my last bit of strength, I picked up the alchemy lab and launched it at the crystal.

There was bright green flash and explosion. The blast knocked me into a wall and I fainted.

…Ge…ut now!…
…Oh fiery one, we will remember what you did…

I rolled off a bed onto a hardwood floor. Oww…A nurse propped me back onto a bed. I asked her where I am and she said I was in Forgedawn. I saw that I was wearing a hospital gown and my arm was broken. She said that I had a few broken ribs, multiple bruises and burns on my body, and possibly a concussion…that explained why my head hurt so much. As I laid back down onto my bed, I saw my Captain standing over the other side. I was glad to see him well again, and he explained to me what happened.

Apparently after I exploded the gem, the curse subsided to its normal level. The majority of the affected recovered within a day. The Shield remembered that I left into cave after the Captain showed up, so they ended up searching for me. They found a remnants of jade scattered throughout the coven’s cavern with bits and pieces of alchemy labs and few burnt books. The Captain and few others were able to dispel the curse before they carried me out of the mines. They found not traces of the witches or where they went to. All that was left was the purple Hat of Disguise I snagged and the burnt books.

The Captain said that he was grateful for my actions but reprimanded me for disobeying the chain of command. He said that once I was healed I would be serving mess duties for the four weeks. However, due to my courage, brashness and luck, I would be recommended to become a full cleric by end of my 4th year. He explained that I was one of the few to show not only braveness but self-sacrifice for the many. He stated few recruits would be willing to give in their life to try to save a town even accidentally. As a last token of gratitude, he let me keep the Beatrice’s hat as a prize. I thanked him for everything and I promised I would try to think next time before I leap into action.

My actions were unnoticed by the community. Most of Forgedawn hailed me as a savior for saving their townsfolk and their mine from the witch’s curse. The blacksmiths were pooled together their skills and resources, and forged me a gift: Helios. It was a mace made of their special Dawn steel with a fire red ruby core. The mace would never dull in battle or rust by normal means, and the ruby core allowed me to turn into a flaming weapon. They thought it was appropriate to my personality. They inscribed the named Helios onto the handle with my name and the town’s insignia.

After my recovery and mess duties, I came to appreciate this small town and what it had offered. I looked for my graduation after the next year and wondered what other things were to come in the future.

Aramil's Inside Voice Part 2

I put my hand on the Sun Orb and suddenly I’m not alone in my own mind, quickly I compartmentalize all the parts: memories, thoughts, actions. I trap the other in my thoughts moving towards my memories, I feel the entity summon magic to aid in the task at hand and I absorb the arcane energies summoned. She’s surprised.

“I’m not weak in the teachings.”

“I can tell, so I’ll be direct. What are you after?”

“I just need to put up the mana barrier again around this city.”

“It’s fallen?”


“…How long has it been?”

“If you think the barrier should be up, I’d say a thousand years.”

Part of her starts to permeate past my memory barrier, I barely hold her at bay.

“Definitively trained, but a thousand years has weakened the teacher’s resolve for a proper test. You are not ready.”

“Please stop! I only wish to help!” I act as I weave the necessary magic for a suggestion spell.

“Nice touch but not good…” Greater Darkness envelopes us, “Wha…” I invade what parts of her mind I can hopefully it’s enough to overwhelm her defenses and allow me access to her memories. I get something. Nathaeri Diviv, Noble Elf.

Clapping “Well done. You of course know, this means war.”

“I want to take from you nothing venerable and dangerous ancestor, all I want is to finish what I’m here for and perhaps, if you are willing, knowledge about yourself and your trials.”

I send one memory to her, the rest guarded, of my mother telling a group of sons, myself included, our history and what she expects of us. Now another memory, my excommunication. Lastly Nathaeri Diviv sees the only journal entry I’ve ever written as I wrote it inside Lord Olidammara’s true temple.

“You don’t look like my race, child.”

“Is not Lolth a goddess? Was not Merrill Diviv, you’re oldest daughter born just after you betrayed the other Nobles, one of my mother’s personal conquests? A revenge against an older sibling. Does my aura not feel familiar?”

“You know what I seek, is it not your way?”

“…Show me all or nothing. You know I must be sure.”

“I also know that you can’t resist finding out.”

“Oh, you … hehehe fine then Drow. Let’s see how Ecanus Dax takes to you.”

The scene shifts from thoughts and memories to a white void. I’m facing my grandmother in her youth, off to the right Rae Dax speaks to her ancestral father. In my perception of them I notice my disguises are gone.

“Really? A tad infantile don’t you think?”

“Yes but effective, Phaeyr,” she smiles, “I’ve already learned so much with your moment of fear.”


Rae comes closer to us, me mostly, “YOU!”.

The night passes in the old basement with agony as Lolth challenges me since I’m destroying her portal to the Underdark.

“She hasn’t cursed you yet, wonder why…”

“You’ve read me wholly by now with all these…tests to keep me busy, there is no reason I have to why aside from Olidammara’s intervening.”

“You’d think then that you wouldn’t be attacked by her haunts and the like while working then.”

“When you figure out the gods tell me about it.”


“Sounds like your companions are coming down.”

I stealth into the shadows and wait to see who actually enters from the stairs. Seconds pass until a Drow enters into the basement.

“What’s with the bright insignia on her shoulders?”

“It’s probably that Celestial cleric,” a few seconds and the Tengu walks in, his weapon ready but no arrow nocked, “Most likely her, but you never know.”

Several steps here and there and I’m behind the Drow, my short sword drawn over her throat. I reveal myself as I begin cutting into her neck to prevent any semantic part of a spell, “What are you doing here?”

Rae’s head switches with the Drow one as she looks at me expecting to be let go to tend to her neck wound. My hand tightens on the grip of the short sword for a slight moment, I have her life in my grasp, “Tempting”, then Nathaeri Diviv interrupts, “We need her.”

The hidden story of the one with one name

In a remote island, lies the tower of syla, surrounded by a rich forest. a tower dedicated to the elf paragon tribe of gilao. The tower has thrived in positivity for almost 8 centuries. The tribesmen train their own and often send them out in to the world to establish the greater good of the world. This is the story one outsider who went on the inside and came back out.

About 129 years, the tower of syla was following traditions of training the younglings, as per se. About midday, a raven flew and landed on the top of the tower. As birds were rare in the region, this was seen as a bad omen. The council of three acknowledged the raven and saw that it was waiting. seeing this, they sent amerea, the most skilled youth to fetch the raven. Reaching the raven, Amerea discovers the a pouch around the raven’s neck. He recovers the pouch and the raven takes off. Amera returns with the pouch. The council open it and it reveals a scroll that produces a silver flame. The flames rises above and forms a language that is a mix of elf and celestial. Only the council of three, being the wisest of the tribe, understood the message. Without a second thought, the council sends Amerea and 2 other tribesmen out of the tower walls, into the forest.

Going through the forest, they are highly unfamiliar, as they have yet to ever leave the tower walls. After of 2 hours of traversing, Amerea is the only one to make it to their goal and not succumb to the dangers of the foresst. The goal he finds to be a small jungle elf, asleep, swaddled in a cloth of a pulsating silvery glow. The cloth has one word written on it. Zordlon

Aramil's Inside Voice 1

“I don’t know the history between the two of you but I may be able to help,” Rae continued to negotiate a cease fire from the two arguing spirits in her diplomatic tone.

“What kind of priestess of Iomedae and Desna for that matter does marriage counseling for Abyssal speaking ghosts?” was my first thought as my mind wandered between Dhuan hiding in the back waiting for a time to strike and how this group I’m in was fairing the trials. The Celestial and Tengu didn’t do well in their first battle together outside the tower, I was expecting more when I lead them into the plants’ way. Truly surprising was when the cleric decided to only attack and not heal anyone including herself. I had to wait for them to fall unconscious to use my abilities and save them. A fare toss of the coin to let them die and continue on alone, but with all the unknown variables surrounding our being brought here I decided it better to keep them alive for now.

“We just want to leave this place.”
Apparently my distant relatives had grown tired of their “vigilance” over Lolth’s orbs of power, makes sense since they weren’t true believers to begin with. Dhuan’s wait ended with his interrupting that he wanted a new body, a smile did cross my face as I watched the mediator try to worm her way out that that one peacefully. It stayed there as I recalled the Elf sorcerer downstairs, waiting to be attacked by the cursed room until he destroyed the enchantment. “The difference between a sorcerer and a mage is that a mage would know that the room’s about to expire and any extra damage would endanger those inside,” I mused as I stood still enjoying the Celestial’s defense. Ah, it felt so good to be in the know, to be in control. The surface was most definitively easier than the Underdark. After all I’ve given these surfacers so many clues and hints and yet they only keep me at a stranger’s distance rather than at spider’s length. I would have thought that at least this cleric would have recognized me from before, I guess a year was a long time for her to recall my face. It’s as if they are all daft. All the easier for me, I’ll lead them to where I need them and when these events are all done I can continue to my true goal…I will be free.

“I will not be denied!” roared Dhuan.
“And that’s my cue,” I hummed as my darkness overtook the room and I guided my “companion” out towards the other room. Thwooook Rae’s bolt returned to her between the shoulder blades, “Hey, at least you got your bolt back,” I said with a smirk as I began to contact the others to aide in their deliverance from the black room they no doubt had gotten to by now.

Xen's Journel Entire (9/28/2012)

The sooner I get out of this cursed city in this damn forest . . . the sooner I can continue my quest.

While Tengus are no stranger to magic, this elven magic is something different. It is more foreign and polluted. It is as if a legion of Gods have cursed this land and have abandoned the people.

Or maybe I am going crazy and am just rambling. I have never had a vision before or a near death experience. I just had both in a single moment. My sense were telling me I was being tricked but it felt so real. What did I see. Was it the past pretending to be the future or was it the future itself.

So many questions from that vision. Even the answer I receive only produce more questions.

I asked the priestess in my vision about the necklace my sensei gave me. The one that craves the blood of my kills. All the priestess told me was that it was a “Hunters Weapon.” I am hunting the Giants in their homeland, perhaps when I complete my training as a Sniper, I should look into the ways of the Ranger, the true huntsman of this land. Then will I uncover this relics secrets. All in due time.

I should have asked more questions. Since this place is filled with magic I could have found out if the old fable was true.

There was an old Tengu fable of a crossbow blessed by Hei Feng which had such frightening power that it was an essential catalyst in preserving the remained of the Empire. Even a hoard of Giants feared this weapon. It was so great that the Tengu elders could not allow it to remain in the land after the Giant threat had subsisted.

“Such power could not stay for temptation leads down to the path of destruction.” Is what Sensei told of the fate of . . . this weapon named only for the cry it made: “Ka-Booom!!!”

Perhaps the specter priestess would have know what had happened to this weapon. Many have searched the Eastern Empires for it and none could find it. All that is know was the elders took the weapon and they vanished along with the fable Ka-Boom.

There is so much magic is this western land. The elves forbid such powerful magic from being used today. Perhaps the elders believed that Ka-Boom would be safe in a land were such powerful magic is outlawed. Perhaps if I were to find this . . . no, I am far from ready to wield such a weapon.

I must assist the masked one and the magi for if it is true that the devastation of the magic here could reach my homeland, then it is my duty to prevent such catastrophe.

After our quest is done, then I shall search for answers.

Helios and the Witch's Hat- Pt 1

To become a full-fledged servant of Iomeda, trainees must complete The Trials of Valor and serve a five years in the active field. The active field consists of being posted in a town or city, and protecting their citizens. Every so often, the trainees are sent to serve in far outposts or areas of critical need and high dangers. Usually, these places were near hellmouths and other strange anomalies where you get to fight demons and other evil creatures from other planes.

Well…that wasn’t the case for me. As much as I wanted to slay demons and the influence of my family’s influence, I was posted in a small town of Forgedawn. It was a mining town next to Western Mountains. Though small, the town was next to a very rich mine of precious metals and magical gems. The townsfolk were very kind, and mostly worked as miners or blacksmiths. Forgedawn’s blacksmiths were renowned for their skill of forging any item from the Mountains’ precious metals. Traders would come by often to buy the skillfully made items, while sorcerers and wizards would created amazing artifacts with gems.

Our small sect of Iomeda’s Order had a simple job: keep the town safe. Raiders would try to come by and steal any metals and gems but to no avail. Most of them were caught and jailed, while the rest ran away. Occasionally, we had to settle domestic disturbances amongst the townsfolk and break fights at the different pubs. Dwarfs have a mean swing, but dwarf miners can knock out you without thinking.

Problems started when the miners were getting sick. Slowly, one by one, miners were becoming too weak to keep the excavation going. However, none of our tradition medicines were working nor our patron’s blessings. We were able to keep their conditions stable inside our temple, but it was getting crowded. The sect knew Forgedawn was in trouble when the dwarfs were ill. The town would slowly wither way without its constant supply of metals and gems.

The sect believed that something evil was causing the miners to become ill. It wouldn’t be soon until the general townsfolk became ill too. The sect’s captain decided the following:
- The Lance group will investigate the cause of the illness. (Captain was here)
- The Shield group will continue to keep the Forgedawn safe. (I was posted here)
- The Helm group will get further assistance from Sarenrae’s Shrine.

The Helm estimated that it would take a fortnight to bring back the closest Sarenrae’s clergy to cure the miners and promptly left. The Lance soon followed to investigate immediate area around the town, while Shield stayed behind and make sure nothing else happened.

A week went by, the town was getting worse. Some of the townsfolk became affected and the paranoia was becoming more prominent. Rumors were going around that the shunned blacksmith was cursing this town (I believe I met him while under Desna’s guide). We heard nothing from the Lance until only the captain showed up, and he was in bad shape. Wounded and ill, our group managed to get into the temple to stabilize him. Before passing out, he mentioned that the illness was coming from the mine’s gems and he said to wait for reinforcements. The Shield decided to to stay put and wait for the Helm, but I had different plans…

The Beginning
Generations Ago

It wasn’t bad enough that the Nobles took the words of elder gods and put them into runes of power forcing lower castes to take the runes on their bodies to be perfected into the divine Star Rune and the arcane Sun Rune at the cost of their lives. No, the Nobles wanted more power so that they wouldn’t ever be the equals of any other race.
The massive waves of Divine and Arcane magics that permeated the world originated from Thagasami was the last sign of our kin before their betrayal was fully known. Those posted at Hege, a small fort near Thagasami, didn’t respond to our summons. By the time our scouts brought back the news we all feared Thagasami was enveloped in a mana barrier powerful enough to absorb ever attack our magi could muster. Years of war waged as the Nobles tried their hand at conquest, but even with their failure at taking land we could never get through their shield. Countless lives were lost and time was waning as the Noble’s priestesses and magi were perfecting their respective orbs, all seemed lost until a Noble traitor came to us with a deal of immunity for her help in lowering the barrier and her guidance to the chambers where the orbs were kept safe.
The plan was set, the rest of our battered armies would enter Thagasami’s grounds as the barrier was lowered to provide a distraction for a small team to enter and destroy the orbs before they were completed. The mission was suicide but with the Nobles nearly torching the world in their attempt at power, capable volunteers found us. All told we were Hezrad Xen a Tengu swordsman, Ecanus Dax a paladin of the Silver hand, Haldis H’vard a human thief, Nathaeri Diviv a sorceress and the Noble’s traitor, and myself. As Nathaeri Diviv cast her spells and lowered the barrier the Sun Runes were obvious on her body as her being glowed with their power. I did not know then why she decided to go against the Nobles with her being so far woven into their society, but there she was and as soon as she finished the last battle fought by armies began.
As we stealthed into the city we all were reminded of the main reason for the Noble’s betrayal as Lolth was seen near an assortment of priestesses and magi as they were trying to bring the barrier back up. She could not aid in their efforts, as if she would care to do so, as she was attacked by other gods for appearing in our realm.
We made our way inside…

-Journal Entry of Tuor Melwasúl Zordlon


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