Heroes of Yore

Aramil's Inside Voice 1

“I don’t know the history between the two of you but I may be able to help,” Rae continued to negotiate a cease fire from the two arguing spirits in her diplomatic tone.

“What kind of priestess of Iomedae and Desna for that matter does marriage counseling for Abyssal speaking ghosts?” was my first thought as my mind wandered between Dhuan hiding in the back waiting for a time to strike and how this group I’m in was fairing the trials. The Celestial and Tengu didn’t do well in their first battle together outside the tower, I was expecting more when I lead them into the plants’ way. Truly surprising was when the cleric decided to only attack and not heal anyone including herself. I had to wait for them to fall unconscious to use my abilities and save them. A fare toss of the coin to let them die and continue on alone, but with all the unknown variables surrounding our being brought here I decided it better to keep them alive for now.

“We just want to leave this place.”
Apparently my distant relatives had grown tired of their “vigilance” over Lolth’s orbs of power, makes sense since they weren’t true believers to begin with. Dhuan’s wait ended with his interrupting that he wanted a new body, a smile did cross my face as I watched the mediator try to worm her way out that that one peacefully. It stayed there as I recalled the Elf sorcerer downstairs, waiting to be attacked by the cursed room until he destroyed the enchantment. “The difference between a sorcerer and a mage is that a mage would know that the room’s about to expire and any extra damage would endanger those inside,” I mused as I stood still enjoying the Celestial’s defense. Ah, it felt so good to be in the know, to be in control. The surface was most definitively easier than the Underdark. After all I’ve given these surfacers so many clues and hints and yet they only keep me at a stranger’s distance rather than at spider’s length. I would have thought that at least this cleric would have recognized me from before, I guess a year was a long time for her to recall my face. It’s as if they are all daft. All the easier for me, I’ll lead them to where I need them and when these events are all done I can continue to my true goal…I will be free.

“I will not be denied!” roared Dhuan.
“And that’s my cue,” I hummed as my darkness overtook the room and I guided my “companion” out towards the other room. Thwooook Rae’s bolt returned to her between the shoulder blades, “Hey, at least you got your bolt back,” I said with a smirk as I began to contact the others to aide in their deliverance from the black room they no doubt had gotten to by now.



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