Heroes of Yore

Aramil's Inside Voice Part 2

I put my hand on the Sun Orb and suddenly I’m not alone in my own mind, quickly I compartmentalize all the parts: memories, thoughts, actions. I trap the other in my thoughts moving towards my memories, I feel the entity summon magic to aid in the task at hand and I absorb the arcane energies summoned. She’s surprised.

“I’m not weak in the teachings.”

“I can tell, so I’ll be direct. What are you after?”

“I just need to put up the mana barrier again around this city.”

“It’s fallen?”


“…How long has it been?”

“If you think the barrier should be up, I’d say a thousand years.”

Part of her starts to permeate past my memory barrier, I barely hold her at bay.

“Definitively trained, but a thousand years has weakened the teacher’s resolve for a proper test. You are not ready.”

“Please stop! I only wish to help!” I act as I weave the necessary magic for a suggestion spell.

“Nice touch but not good…” Greater Darkness envelopes us, “Wha…” I invade what parts of her mind I can hopefully it’s enough to overwhelm her defenses and allow me access to her memories. I get something. Nathaeri Diviv, Noble Elf.

Clapping “Well done. You of course know, this means war.”

“I want to take from you nothing venerable and dangerous ancestor, all I want is to finish what I’m here for and perhaps, if you are willing, knowledge about yourself and your trials.”

I send one memory to her, the rest guarded, of my mother telling a group of sons, myself included, our history and what she expects of us. Now another memory, my excommunication. Lastly Nathaeri Diviv sees the only journal entry I’ve ever written as I wrote it inside Lord Olidammara’s true temple.

“You don’t look like my race, child.”

“Is not Lolth a goddess? Was not Merrill Diviv, you’re oldest daughter born just after you betrayed the other Nobles, one of my mother’s personal conquests? A revenge against an older sibling. Does my aura not feel familiar?”

“You know what I seek, is it not your way?”

“…Show me all or nothing. You know I must be sure.”

“I also know that you can’t resist finding out.”

“Oh, you … hehehe fine then Drow. Let’s see how Ecanus Dax takes to you.”

The scene shifts from thoughts and memories to a white void. I’m facing my grandmother in her youth, off to the right Rae Dax speaks to her ancestral father. In my perception of them I notice my disguises are gone.

“Really? A tad infantile don’t you think?”

“Yes but effective, Phaeyr,” she smiles, “I’ve already learned so much with your moment of fear.”


Rae comes closer to us, me mostly, “YOU!”.

The night passes in the old basement with agony as Lolth challenges me since I’m destroying her portal to the Underdark.

“She hasn’t cursed you yet, wonder why…”

“You’ve read me wholly by now with all these…tests to keep me busy, there is no reason I have to why aside from Olidammara’s intervening.”

“You’d think then that you wouldn’t be attacked by her haunts and the like while working then.”

“When you figure out the gods tell me about it.”


“Sounds like your companions are coming down.”

I stealth into the shadows and wait to see who actually enters from the stairs. Seconds pass until a Drow enters into the basement.

“What’s with the bright insignia on her shoulders?”

“It’s probably that Celestial cleric,” a few seconds and the Tengu walks in, his weapon ready but no arrow nocked, “Most likely her, but you never know.”

Several steps here and there and I’m behind the Drow, my short sword drawn over her throat. I reveal myself as I begin cutting into her neck to prevent any semantic part of a spell, “What are you doing here?”

Rae’s head switches with the Drow one as she looks at me expecting to be let go to tend to her neck wound. My hand tightens on the grip of the short sword for a slight moment, I have her life in my grasp, “Tempting”, then Nathaeri Diviv interrupts, “We need her.”



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