Heroes of Yore

Busy Day

Three Perspectives

Daddy’s away playing King, leaving me all alone in the mansion but that’s the best time to play with my pets giggle. I go to the attic and bring out my gray owl, he’s so handsome with his scars and ashen feathers, they never cleared up to the original white color that I hated so much. Oh, the fire around him was so pretty and his squawking…mmm I couldn’t get music like that from those carolers daddy gave me for Life Day though my nanny tried. It’s a shame we had to hang her, it wasn’t her fault those carolers couldn’t sing as well as my owl did. He doesn’t sing these days but his eyes are just so…what was the word father said, “entrancing”. Today I’ll put one in a small jar so I can keep it with me :).
I know what to use too, a spoon from the kitchen will do!

The fire is everywhere! It’s hard to breathe…can’t see where I’m going…where’d my owl go?

Squawk! Owl! I see you!

The partly burnt and still on fire owl with one eye missing charges through the flames and buries his beak in the young girls left eye since he can only see her left side. They die slowly, her being eaten while burning and he living while setting her ablaze with his aflame feathers.


Cough Cough Hack Ptew More blood mixed with snot and semi-liquid flesh is spat out by an old man as he walks the streets of the Noble section of H’vard City.

I swear the bitch is going to kill me one of these days.

All the more reason to finish this and escape her wrath on a more permanent basis.

If only I could permanently get away from her influence.

So close, just a little farther.

Maybe, most likely I’ll be stuck in this forever. Up to the time I die.

There is a release that has been proven through the years.

If only I trusted in the gods, I’d like to think I know better. A release for one is being expendable for another.

What to do.

Only one thing to do, go forward, hopefully unto a dawn and not a dusk.

The dusk of one is the dawn of another.

Which is why Amayeta is so worried, she knows enough to fear.

The old man exits onto the Middle Class section and quickly hobbles his way for the outer edge closest to the harbor.

One thing is for sure, I did not suffer through all this to die later tonight.


It’s been too long since I’ve felt the love of my mother and longer still since I’ve sensed the Goddess. This city is cursed, too corrupt to save it seems. It no longer matters if I purify it by fire, I have what I came here for. Mother will have to love me. Even the Goddess will heed my existence. That fool didn’t know what he had, but I did and now that I have it I feel the truth…it’s so beautiful. With this I can finally go back home, head held high.

I may even be able to bring brother home too, I know he’s here in the city working on some scheme for power. If it wasn’t for Alya and her politics he would have remained my mother’s favorite, as well as mine. I miss our games…I’ve missed so much in such a little amount of time being ostracized, but that will end soon. Tonight I’ll end this. Tomorrow I go home.



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