Heroes of Yore

Helios and the Witch's Hat- Pt 1

To become a full-fledged servant of Iomeda, trainees must complete The Trials of Valor and serve a five years in the active field. The active field consists of being posted in a town or city, and protecting their citizens. Every so often, the trainees are sent to serve in far outposts or areas of critical need and high dangers. Usually, these places were near hellmouths and other strange anomalies where you get to fight demons and other evil creatures from other planes.

Well…that wasn’t the case for me. As much as I wanted to slay demons and the influence of my family’s influence, I was posted in a small town of Forgedawn. It was a mining town next to Western Mountains. Though small, the town was next to a very rich mine of precious metals and magical gems. The townsfolk were very kind, and mostly worked as miners or blacksmiths. Forgedawn’s blacksmiths were renowned for their skill of forging any item from the Mountains’ precious metals. Traders would come by often to buy the skillfully made items, while sorcerers and wizards would created amazing artifacts with gems.

Our small sect of Iomeda’s Order had a simple job: keep the town safe. Raiders would try to come by and steal any metals and gems but to no avail. Most of them were caught and jailed, while the rest ran away. Occasionally, we had to settle domestic disturbances amongst the townsfolk and break fights at the different pubs. Dwarfs have a mean swing, but dwarf miners can knock out you without thinking.

Problems started when the miners were getting sick. Slowly, one by one, miners were becoming too weak to keep the excavation going. However, none of our tradition medicines were working nor our patron’s blessings. We were able to keep their conditions stable inside our temple, but it was getting crowded. The sect knew Forgedawn was in trouble when the dwarfs were ill. The town would slowly wither way without its constant supply of metals and gems.

The sect believed that something evil was causing the miners to become ill. It wouldn’t be soon until the general townsfolk became ill too. The sect’s captain decided the following:
- The Lance group will investigate the cause of the illness. (Captain was here)
- The Shield group will continue to keep the Forgedawn safe. (I was posted here)
- The Helm group will get further assistance from Sarenrae’s Shrine.

The Helm estimated that it would take a fortnight to bring back the closest Sarenrae’s clergy to cure the miners and promptly left. The Lance soon followed to investigate immediate area around the town, while Shield stayed behind and make sure nothing else happened.

A week went by, the town was getting worse. Some of the townsfolk became affected and the paranoia was becoming more prominent. Rumors were going around that the shunned blacksmith was cursing this town (I believe I met him while under Desna’s guide). We heard nothing from the Lance until only the captain showed up, and he was in bad shape. Wounded and ill, our group managed to get into the temple to stabilize him. Before passing out, he mentioned that the illness was coming from the mine’s gems and he said to wait for reinforcements. The Shield decided to to stay put and wait for the Helm, but I had different plans…


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Helios and the Witch's Hat- Pt 1

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