Heroes of Yore

Ignus Reflections

The elemental planes do not overlap often but when they do weird things may form. Mine started when the spark of life occurred at the interaction of all four. Those centuries jumping from plane to plane destroying everything site was amusing to say the least. Some places I would show up unannounced and just break worlds. Others seeking a change I would strike fear in the hearts of several rulers, and other sources of power saying they had a year to fight me and prove there worlds worth. The failures of fighters, mages, and clerics would add up quickly and no survivors would live to tell of my power. Then came the time where I spent time on the separate planes learning to harness and master my abilities. Magic both arcane and divine came to me in small doses but not enough to strike fear into beings. Soon I was summoned to a new world which I haven’t been to before. The caster of the spell was lucky enough to say my name in attempt to summon something else. He was not lucky enough to summon me. After killing him I scoured his books to ensure my name was not written down.
Deciding I needed a something to do. I sent out the challenge to this new world. That was my mistake, for the party that challenged me was strong enough to banish me to my original plane. There was an unintended side effect of this banishment thou. My core was split into four parts.
This is where I lost memories of the whole and just have parts of it. I was sent back to the plane of fire and had to adapt to the loss of power and how to use my new form. After an unknown amount of time I felt a pull from my home to a bright light. I found myself in a room with three others who felt familiar but I couldn’t place, and a magic user with a very surprised look on his face. In the moment of confusion we were bound to stones in this new place. Luckily stones were wrong and, we had freedom to do as we pleased. After a very quick and one sided fight we left the room we were summoned in. Only to discover we were locked in a city with other elementals.
The moment of realization came in that the three others who were summoned with me were my missing parts came too late. Having already scattered around the city we learned to communicate with the others who were trapped and learned many things of our world. Like how our complete form had not yet been summoned yet, and the story of the orbs.
I quickly fell in to a slump of boredom and discovered a joy of fighting. The bar fights were amusing and help me build up funds to buy a weapon, a book of everything, and a single set of armor. About a thousand years later a party came in and broke the seal on the city. After a really bad bar fight that night I was thrown out of the city with the party and I finally found my niche.



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