Heroes of Yore

Passage from Noble Families of Zaiho

rae dax

“Noble Families of Zaiho”
18th Edition
by Sorael Aertyn (Elven Scribe)

The Dax Family

The Dax Family are descended from the famous Icanus Dax the celestial paladin. After many years of religious crusade, Icanus settled down at Zaiho at YYYY and eventually met his wife, Katrina
Leohms. Their union started the aasimar lineage that most come to associate with the Dax name.

The current generation of Dax consists of four aasimars: Brighton, Litt, Clara, and Rae. Brighton Dax is a land-renowned paladin of Iomedae, much like his ancestor Icanus. Brighton served within Iomedae’s ranks for decades, starting from a recruit and eventually rising to general. Brighton was a serious yet gentle man. Granted he smote evil and vile creatures with no remorse, he always saw the good in people and their capabilities. He was known to always lend a hand to those who in need. As paladin, he brought swift justice to the battlefield while being a good commander and tactician. Throughout his life, Brighton would marry two wives and sire three children: Litt, Clara, and Rae.

With his first human wife, Kari Egam, they sired Litt. He was much like his father in terms of looks and personality. He inherited the Dax fire-red hair and golden eyes. He followed in his father’s footsteps and joined Iomedae’s ranks. Soon after his recruitment, he was drafted into the crusade to ward a demonic invasion. Demon portals were forming in a far continent and Iomedae’s forces were needed. After the long invasion was over, Litt was declared a hero within Iomedae and Zaiho. He was the first of the new Dax generation to wield his ancestor’s sword, Chrysaor. Eventually, he eventually settled down as commander and trainer within Zaiho and continues to train new recruits for Iomedae.

Invasion itself lasted 30 years, which for aasimar is not much time. Kari was human and passed away before she could see her son come back. However, Brighton still found another woman of his interests, Alara Soldri. Alara Soldri also came from a noble family (Please refer to Soldri family). Born from a family of wealth and influence, her family was more than happy when Brighton proposed to her. Soon after their marriage, Alara gave birth her first daughter at the age of 30.

Clara Dax was a beautiful and calm aasimar, contrary to her fiery wavy hair. Unlike Brighton, she sought more diplomatic solutions to problems and was more empathic towards other people. She also had a natural talent as a healer. Just like her father and brother, she joined Iomedae as a cleric. her healing skills and magical talents blossomed through her training. When she was not healing the sick and the unfortunate, she lent her skills as a diplomat to the city. For years, she served in the city’s council. During her later years, she accepted the position of head cleric in Iomedae’s church.

Youngest of the three, Rae, was born to Alara when she was in her waning years. A proud and strong-willed woman Alara was, as she gave birth to her second daughter at 64 years old. Alara eventually passed away only when Rae was still a child (to human’s standard). Clara would raise her sister almost as her own. Rae was as unpredictable as a forest fire. Hot tempered and quick to action, Rae would find herself mostly in trouble. Though her spirit would usually get her in trouble, she was a compassionate person during times of needs. She followed her sister’s path and became a cleric for Iomedae for years. Due to her impatient personality, she sought to become a hero like Litt and, for the first time in multiple generations, she became a traveling cleric for Desna. Zaiho still hears echoes from Brighton’s screams of disapproval. As bewildered as he was, he still supported through her decision. When she came back from her travels, Rae would be well-known and respected for her skills in counseling and rights of passage. No matter who it was, she extended her hand out for those who needed help. She left the city a few years ago in search of the Chrysaor and its thief (refer to the “Militia report of XXXX”). She continues to travel and the city hopes for her safe return.



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