Heroes of Yore

The Beginning

Generations Ago

It wasn’t bad enough that the Nobles took the words of elder gods and put them into runes of power forcing lower castes to take the runes on their bodies to be perfected into the divine Star Rune and the arcane Sun Rune at the cost of their lives. No, the Nobles wanted more power so that they wouldn’t ever be the equals of any other race.
The massive waves of Divine and Arcane magics that permeated the world originated from Thagasami was the last sign of our kin before their betrayal was fully known. Those posted at Hege, a small fort near Thagasami, didn’t respond to our summons. By the time our scouts brought back the news we all feared Thagasami was enveloped in a mana barrier powerful enough to absorb ever attack our magi could muster. Years of war waged as the Nobles tried their hand at conquest, but even with their failure at taking land we could never get through their shield. Countless lives were lost and time was waning as the Noble’s priestesses and magi were perfecting their respective orbs, all seemed lost until a Noble traitor came to us with a deal of immunity for her help in lowering the barrier and her guidance to the chambers where the orbs were kept safe.
The plan was set, the rest of our battered armies would enter Thagasami’s grounds as the barrier was lowered to provide a distraction for a small team to enter and destroy the orbs before they were completed. The mission was suicide but with the Nobles nearly torching the world in their attempt at power, capable volunteers found us. All told we were Hezrad Xen a Tengu swordsman, Ecanus Dax a paladin of the Silver hand, Haldis H’vard a human thief, Nathaeri Diviv a sorceress and the Noble’s traitor, and myself. As Nathaeri Diviv cast her spells and lowered the barrier the Sun Runes were obvious on her body as her being glowed with their power. I did not know then why she decided to go against the Nobles with her being so far woven into their society, but there she was and as soon as she finished the last battle fought by armies began.
As we stealthed into the city we all were reminded of the main reason for the Noble’s betrayal as Lolth was seen near an assortment of priestesses and magi as they were trying to bring the barrier back up. She could not aid in their efforts, as if she would care to do so, as she was attacked by other gods for appearing in our realm.
We made our way inside…

-Journal Entry of Tuor Melwasúl Zordlon



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