Heroes of Yore

The hidden story of the one with one name

In a remote island, lies the tower of syla, surrounded by a rich forest. a tower dedicated to the elf paragon tribe of gilao. The tower has thrived in positivity for almost 8 centuries. The tribesmen train their own and often send them out in to the world to establish the greater good of the world. This is the story one outsider who went on the inside and came back out.

About 129 years, the tower of syla was following traditions of training the younglings, as per se. About midday, a raven flew and landed on the top of the tower. As birds were rare in the region, this was seen as a bad omen. The council of three acknowledged the raven and saw that it was waiting. seeing this, they sent amerea, the most skilled youth to fetch the raven. Reaching the raven, Amerea discovers the a pouch around the raven’s neck. He recovers the pouch and the raven takes off. Amera returns with the pouch. The council open it and it reveals a scroll that produces a silver flame. The flames rises above and forms a language that is a mix of elf and celestial. Only the council of three, being the wisest of the tribe, understood the message. Without a second thought, the council sends Amerea and 2 other tribesmen out of the tower walls, into the forest.

Going through the forest, they are highly unfamiliar, as they have yet to ever leave the tower walls. After of 2 hours of traversing, Amerea is the only one to make it to their goal and not succumb to the dangers of the foresst. The goal he finds to be a small jungle elf, asleep, swaddled in a cloth of a pulsating silvery glow. The cloth has one word written on it. Zordlon


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