Heroes of Yore

Xen's Journel Entire (9/28/2012)

The sooner I get out of this cursed city in this damn forest . . . the sooner I can continue my quest.

While Tengus are no stranger to magic, this elven magic is something different. It is more foreign and polluted. It is as if a legion of Gods have cursed this land and have abandoned the people.

Or maybe I am going crazy and am just rambling. I have never had a vision before or a near death experience. I just had both in a single moment. My sense were telling me I was being tricked but it felt so real. What did I see. Was it the past pretending to be the future or was it the future itself.

So many questions from that vision. Even the answer I receive only produce more questions.

I asked the priestess in my vision about the necklace my sensei gave me. The one that craves the blood of my kills. All the priestess told me was that it was a “Hunters Weapon.” I am hunting the Giants in their homeland, perhaps when I complete my training as a Sniper, I should look into the ways of the Ranger, the true huntsman of this land. Then will I uncover this relics secrets. All in due time.

I should have asked more questions. Since this place is filled with magic I could have found out if the old fable was true.

There was an old Tengu fable of a crossbow blessed by Hei Feng which had such frightening power that it was an essential catalyst in preserving the remained of the Empire. Even a hoard of Giants feared this weapon. It was so great that the Tengu elders could not allow it to remain in the land after the Giant threat had subsisted.

“Such power could not stay for temptation leads down to the path of destruction.” Is what Sensei told of the fate of . . . this weapon named only for the cry it made: “Ka-Booom!!!”

Perhaps the specter priestess would have know what had happened to this weapon. Many have searched the Eastern Empires for it and none could find it. All that is know was the elders took the weapon and they vanished along with the fable Ka-Boom.

There is so much magic is this western land. The elves forbid such powerful magic from being used today. Perhaps the elders believed that Ka-Boom would be safe in a land were such powerful magic is outlawed. Perhaps if I were to find this . . . no, I am far from ready to wield such a weapon.

I must assist the masked one and the magi for if it is true that the devastation of the magic here could reach my homeland, then it is my duty to prevent such catastrophe.

After our quest is done, then I shall search for answers.


Say Ra’s doesn’t like the forest?
Hehehehehehe, please continue.

Xen's Journel Entire (9/28/2012)

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